“Whistleblowers are subject to a wide range of abuses.” — Part II of a WNN Exclusive Interview with Dr. Nigel MacLennan

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Courtesy of Dr. Nigel MacLennan

“Whistleblowers are subject to a wide range of abuses.” In the second installment of this podcast episode, Dr. Nigel MacLennan provides information about the psychology of people who retaliate against whistleblowers. Listen to part I of Dr. MacLennan’s podcast, in which he talks about the psychology of whistleblowers, provides mental health tips for whistleblowers, and much more.

Dr. MacLennan talks with FBI whistleblower Jane Turner about various kinds of abuses that whistleblowers experience at the hands of retaliators. He discusses topics like double binds, the “toxic triad,” (narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths), and what he calls the “spiral of silent complicity,” which provides insight into just how hard it is to speak out against wrongdoing. He also talks about microaggressions and the various ways they can take shape.

During a question and answer session, Dr. MacLennan talks about how a whistleblower can protect their mental and emotional state and discusses warning signs that you may be working for an abusive offender. He also gives whistleblowers and allies alike advice for enduring retaliation.

Listen to part I of Dr. MacLennan’s podcast here. 

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