“This is all about whistleblowers” — Part II of a WNN Exclusive Interview with Stephanie Van de Motter

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“This is about all whistleblowers.” In this episode of the Whistleblower of the Week podcast, FBI whistleblower Jane Turner continues her conversation with Stephanie Van de Motter, who blew the whistle on safety concerns at a luxury apartment building in Santa Monica. In the last episode, Van de Motter provided background on her journey to getting a dream job at 1221 Ocean Avenue and excelling at her job and then detailed her whistleblower story and how the situation took a turn for the worst. In this episode, she picks up her story by talking about being constructively discharged from her role at the apartment building, going through the arbitration process, and the fight to get attorney’s fees.

Turner and Van de Motter talk about the struggles of being women whistleblowers, and Van de Motter describes the hardships she faced at a job following her job with the Irvine Company where she blew the whistle. Van de Motter then discusses her transition to becoming a whistleblower advocate and talks about the Silenced No More Foundation, a peer-to-peer support group for whistleblowers. She highlights aspirations for the foundation and goals to inspire and aid the next generation of whistleblowers through personal storytelling and providing platforms for whistleblowers to share their experiences.

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