Arkansas Lawmakers Support National Whistleblower Day

Arkansas Lawmakers Support National Whistleblower Day

On April 22, Arkansas State Representatives Vivian Flowers, Ken Ferguson and Charles Blake made a public proclamation recognizing the Founding Father’s July 30, 1778 passage of America’s first law to protect whistleblowers from retribution.

The lawmakers said, “Whistleblowers risk their careers and reputations by reporting waste, fraud, and abuse to the proper authorities in order to promote accountability, integrity, honesty, fairness, and transparency.” They added, “The commemoration of July 30 as national Whistleblower Day recognizes the first law protecting whistleblowers and it recognizes the importance of whistleblowers to our nation’s transparency and accountability.”

The presentation was given at a press conference held at the Clinton Presidential Library as part of a Whistleblower Summit. The National Whistleblower Center’s Executive Director, Stephen M. Kohn, also spoke at the press conference gave the keynote address at the National Whistleblower Day luncheon ceremony later that day.

More information about this event is linked here.

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*Pictured above: Left to right: Michael McCray (Whistleblower Summit Organizer), Vivian Flowers (Arkansas State Representative), Stephen Kohn (National Whistleblower Center), Sean Williams (Virginia Whistleblower) and Marcel Reid (Pacifica Whistleblower Liaison)
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