10th Anniversary of National Whistleblower Day to be Held on Capitol Hill

Grassley Whistleblowers

On July 27, 2023, the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) will host the 10th anniversary of National Whistleblower Day on Capitol Hill. The event will be kick-off with an address by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a longtime advocate for whistleblowers in Congress.

“NWC is so excited to bring our community together in person again!” said NWC Executive Director Siri Nelson. “Whistleblower advocates have been recognized by the Senate in a unanimous resolution for 10 years, and this is a major cause for celebration. Our leading advocate, Senator Grassley, will kick off our event with live remarks. With so much need for attention to whistleblower rights and protections, this promises to be a great return to in-person National Whistleblower Day events.”

“National Whistleblower Day is dedicated to celebrating whistleblowers and making sure that their contributions are acknowledged,” NWC explains. “The event has featured actual whistleblowers along with important figures who support whistleblowers.”

Each year since 2013, the U.S. Senate has unanimously recognized July 30 as National Whistleblower Appreciation Day. The date commemorates the first whistleblower law in the history of the United States which was passed on July 30, 1778. In recent years, a growing number of federal agencies have celebrated National Whistleblower Day by informing employees of their whistleblower rights and by highlighting the critical role whistleblowers play in exposing fraud, corruption, and abuse of power.

WNN’s Jane Turner will also speak at NWC’s National Whistleblower Day event. In past years speakers have included whistleblowers such as Sherron Watkins and Linda Tripp as well as government officials like SEC Chair Gary Gensler and Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh.

Turner, alongside a group of fellow whistleblowers, is leading a campaign calling on President Biden to sign an Executive Order permanently designating July 30 as National Whistleblower Day.

“The time has come for a culture change, for President Biden to elevate whistleblowers to the status they deserve as people of integrity,” Turner wrote in an op-ed explaining the campaign. “It is time to support whistleblowers by making National Whistleblower Day permanent. The world needs to know the United States government stands behind whistleblowers, provides recognition, and honors their sacrifices.”

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