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Thursday, July 28

Opening Remarks with Siri Nelson and Stephen Kohn

Learn about Whistleblowers and National Whistleblower Day.

2:30 PM EST
Fireside Chat with House Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds

Speakers: Shanna Devine, Khalil Abboud, Rebecca Jones, Tim Monahan, John Whitty
Leadership from the Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds, an independent and nonpartisan House support office, will discuss the ways in which Congress partners with whistleblowers to advance its oversight responsibilities. Through a fireside chat, the Office will discuss best practices and its public resources that can foster safe and effective working relationships between whistleblowers and those in government who should be benefiting from their knowledge.

3:30 PM EST
Panel featuring North American Securities Administrators Association

Speakers: John Cochran, Andrew Harnett, Emily Kisicki, Francswai Grayson
Learn about North American Securities Administrators Association model whistleblower act and efforts of state securities regulators to encourage the passage of legislation based on NASAA’s model act.


Speaker: Senator Charles Grassley

International Whistleblowers and Whistleblower Advocates

Friday, July 29

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Ugo Bernalicis
Ugo Bernalicis to give opening remarks on Day 2 of the National Whistleblower Day event.

2:30 PM EST
Understanding Whistleblower Rewards

Speakers: Aiyesha Dey, Jonas Heese, Stephen Kohn
Harvard Business School professors discuss their groundbreaking work on understanding what motivates whistleblowers and the impact of reward laws on whistleblower decision making with author and whistleblower attorney Stephen Kohn.

3:30 PM EST
International Whistleblower Experiences Panel

Speakers: Johannes Stefansson, Yasmine Motarjemi, Ari Danikas
Whistleblowers from around the world will chat with whistleblower Johannes Stefansson, who is from Iceland and blew the whistle in Namibia. The conversation will cover little know nuances of their experiences as whistleblowers outside of the United States.

Fireside Chat with Alfred Brownell

Speakers: Alfred Brownell, Siri Nelson
Join Siri Nelson and Alfred Brownell for an interactive discussion about environmental whistleblowers and environmental defenders around the world. Alfred Brownell is a professor at Yale and an environmental whistleblower and defender.

U.S. Advocates and Whistleblower Recognition

Saturday, July 30

The Story of National Whistleblower Day

Speakers: Stephen Kohn, Jane Turner
Tune in for our annual tradition of telling the story of our nation’s brave first whistleblowers and the important actions taken by the Continental Congress to safeguard the integrity of democracy in the United States.

2:30 PM EST
Life After Whistleblowing

Speakers: Jane Tuner, Fred Whitehurst, Jackie Garrick, Sara Thompson, Sherron Watkins
Influential U.S. whistleblowers will join Jane Turner in an in depth discussion about the impacts whistleblowing has had on their lives and families, how they have moved forward after facing retaliation, and what comes next.

3:30 PM EST
Building on Their Legacy

Speakers: Matthew BeddingfieldDavid Liberman, Kayla Svihovec

Early Career Whistleblower Attorneys join together to discuss their role in whistleblower rights and protections and best practices learned from mentors who, together with industry changing whistleblowers, helped create the whistleblower laws we use today. Moderated by Matthew Beddingfield of ZMF.

4:30 PM EST
Reading of Whistleblower Names

Speakers: Stephen Kohn, Siri Nelson, Jane Turner
Over 100 whistleblowers have registered to be recognized this year. We will read their names to commemorate and celebrate their whistleblowing.


Speaker: Dr. Allison Gill
Federal Whistleblower Dr. Allison Gill tells the story of her whistleblowing, and what came next.

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