Below is the current schedule of events. Please continue checking this page, as changes to scheduling may occur before the actual time of the event. If you have questions, please send us an email.

Global Whistleblowers

Advocates from Around the World

Starting 7:30 AM EDT

12:30 PM United Kingdom, 1:30 PM Berlin, 7:30 PM Shanghai, 9:30 PM Sydney

7:30 AM Introduction: Siri Nelson
Panel: Australian Whistleblower Law

Dr. Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Keiran Pender, and AJ Brown

8:05 AM Speech: Giancarlo Spagnolo


8:30 AM Panel: International Whistleblower Advocates

Mark Worth, Gilbert Sendugwa, Pamela Forward, Darko Ivanovic

9:15 AM Panel: UK Whistleblowing

Georgina Halford-Hall, Mary Robinson MP, Anthony Stansfeld, Lindsey Rogerson, Alexandra Sidossis

10:00 AM Live Chat with Siri Nelson and Mark Worth
10:30 AM Panel: EU Whistleblower Directive

Mark Worth, Wendy Addison, Zuzana Grochalova
Dr. Caroline Raat


11:30 AM Interview: Apple Whistleblower Thomas Le Bonniec
12:00 AM Whistleblower: Brad Birkenfeld
12:10 PM Live Q&A Chat with Siri Nelson
12:30 PM Exclusive: Jane Turner Interviews Sen. Grassley

Whistleblowing Works!

Government Leaders Celebrate Whistleblowers

Starting 10 AM EDT


10:00 AM Introduction: New NWC Executive Director, Siri Nelson (with Stephen Kohn)
10:15 AM Panel: View from Whistleblower Advocates

Jeb White, Tom Devine, Marcel Reid, Danielle Brian, Siri Nelson

Government Leaders Support Whistleblowers!

11:00 AM Speech: Michael Horowitz
Speech: Henry Kerner
Speech: Rob Storch
Speech: Marty Walsh
Speech: Gary Gensler


11:30 AM Interview: History of National Whistleblower Day
Sherron Watkins and Stephen Kohn
12 Noon Congress: Sen. Charles Grassley
Congress: Sen. Ron Wyden

Whistleblowing Works

12:15 PM Speech: Giancarlo Spagnolo
Speech: Baroness Kramer


Members of the House and Senate Support Whistleblowers!

12:30 PM Congress: Rep. John Garamendi
Congress: Rep. Kathleen Rice
Congress: Sen. Joni Ernst
Congress: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema 
Congress: Sen. Tammy Duckworth
Congress: Rep. Jackie Speier

Live Chat

1:00 PM Live Chat with Siri Nelson and Jason Foster

Meet the Whistleblowers!

1:30 PM Siri Nelson and Jane Turner
Whistleblower: Sara Thompson
Whistleblower: Kimberly Young-McLear
Whistleblower: Allison Gill

Whistleblowers and Climate

2:00 PM Speech: Mark Toney
Speech: Chip Barber


2:30 PM Exclusive: Jane Turner Interviews Sen. Grassley
3:00 PM Closing for the Day

National Whistleblower Day continues on the next day, July 30!

National Whistleblower Day

Recognizing Whistleblowers and Understanding Whistleblower Protections

Starting 10 AM EDT

10:00 AM Introduction: Siri Nelson
Whistleblower Recognitions

Jane Turner and Siri Nelson

Panel: NASAA: Whistleblowing at the State Level

Faith Anderson, Lynne Egan, Jason Sterzer

Panel: Federal Employee Whistleblowers

Michael Kohn and Siri Nelson

Panel: Life After Whistleblowing

Jacqueline Garrick, Ted Blickwedel, Christian Greene, Martina Buck, Aaron Westrick

Panel: How Whistleblowers Changed the FBI

Frederic Whitehurst, Robert Kobus, Jane Turner


12:30 PM Panel: Money Laundering

Dean Zerbe and Eric Hylton

Panel: Non-Disclosure Agreements

Michael Kohn and Siri Nelson

WNN Exclusives

1:00 PM Whistleblower: Kimberly Young-McLear
Whistleblower: Allison Gill
Whistleblower: Brad Birkenfeld
Whistleblower: Rebekah Jones
Whistleblower: Sara Thompson
Interview: Apple Whistleblower Thomas Le Bonniec
2:00 PM Panel: Social Media Whistleblowing

Gretchen Peters, Katie Paul, Ifeoma Ozoma

2:30 PM Speech: Neil Henrichsen
Speech: Mark Zaid
Speech: Michael Atkinson


2:45 PM Panel: Legislative Priorities from Whistleblower Advocates

Andrew Lautz, Irvin McCullough, Jacqueline Garrick
Siri Nelson, Tom Devine, Melissa Wasser, Stephen Kohn

3:30 PM Panel: Tax Whistleblowers

Eric Hylton, Steve Miller, Stephen Kohn

4:00 PM Panel: Wildlife Whistleblower Law

Danielle Kessler, Andrea Crosta, Dr. Tanya Wyatt, Dan Ashe

Event Closing

4:45 PM Thank you!
5:00 PM Interview: History of National Whistleblower Day
Sherron Watkins and Stephen Kohn

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