Liberian Environment Activist to Speak at National Whistleblower Day Event

Alfred Brownell

Environmental Defender Alfred Brownell will participate on the second day of the National Whistleblower Center’s (NWC) three-day National Whistleblower Day. Mr. Brownell is a renowned lawyer from Liberia and environmental rights activist. He has been a vocal figure in human rights efforts and a firm supporter of environmental protection, specifically in West Africa. Currently, Brownell is a professor at Yale and an environmental whistleblower and defender.

Mr. Brownell will engage in an interactive discussion with Siri Nelson, NWC Executive Director. The talk will center around Alfred’s actions to stop the palm industry from destroying Liberian forests and fighting government corruption. They will discuss how whistleblowers and environmental defenders are similar and overlapping groups. The conversation will include the importance of protecting wildlife whistleblowers in ending wildlife trafficking and protecting the climate.

“Finding ways to incentivize and protect whistleblowers who fight for wildlife and other climate protections is complex and requires creativity. Experts like Alfred will lead the way on how the law can do better to stop crimes that threaten our ecosystem,” said Nelson.

The live discussion will happen on Friday, July 29, at 5 PM EST. Readers can find more information at

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