Whistleblower Advocates Launch GoFundMe Campaign for Fishrot Whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson

Poisoned Whistleblower Seeks Medical Treatment Prior To Testimony In Corruption Probe

Fishrot GoFundMe

Today, Whistleblowing InternationalANA LOGO, and the U.S.-based Whistleblower Network News, National Whistleblower Center launched a GoFundMe campaign to support Fishrot whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson. Stefánsson is the former Director of Operations in Namibia for Icelandic fishing company Samherji. He worked with anti-corruption authorities and the media to expose a fishing rights bribery scheme in Namibia. Samherji CEO Thorsteinn Mar Baldvinsson is under investigation for allegedly approving bribes, estimated at $10 million, to Namibian politicians and companies to illegally obtain offshore fishing rights. Namibia’s justice and fisheries ministers resigned and were arrested on corruption charges, along with several other prominent Namibian figures. Last month, Namibian President Hage Geingob was linked to the scandal. Baldvinsson stepped aside but was later reinstated by Samherji. Multiple investigations are underway in several countries, and new revelations of criminality are still coming to light.

Since blowing the whistle, Stefánsson has faced severe retaliation. He not only lost his job but has also survived multiple attempts on his life and believes he has been poisoned. Set to return to Namibia to testify this April, Stefánsson says that he continues to pursue justice in the face of danger. 

The whistleblower groups formed an international coalition to assist Stefánsson in his plight for justice and, more importantly, help him get immediately treated for poisoning. He has been unable to receive adequate poisoning treatment in Iceland and is financially unable to seek treatment internationally. Whistleblowers like Stefánsson are integral to rooting out corruption worldwide, and they need help doing it.

Visit the GoFundMe Page: Poisoned Whistleblower Needs Medical Treatment Now

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