National Whistleblower Center Participates in International Anti-Corruption Conference in Belgrade

Today, the NWC’s Executive Director Stephen Kohn will take part in the “For Every Truth There Is a Source: Protecting Whistleblowers and Journalistic Sources” conference in Belgrade, Serbia. This international conference, hosted by the Serbian whistleblower advocacy group Pištaljkaa (The Whistle), and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Information runs from Thursday the 27th through Friday the 28th of October.

The Conference brings together leading whistleblowing experts from the United States and the United Kingdom; whistleblowers from Serbia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina; as well as journalists from Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, and prominent government officials from around the world.

Stephen Kohn will participate in two of the Conference’s panels: “Journalism and whistleblowing: Threats and opportunities,” and “Whistleblowing, Justice, and Journalism: The Way Forward.” In both of these panels, Kohn will highlight how indispensable whistleblowers are in the effort to confront and prevent fraud and corruption globally. Kohn will also discuss the many opportunities for whistleblowers to receive protections, rewards, and ensure the corruption they raise is effectively addressed.

“This conference is an incredible opportunity to share with the rest of the world what has worked for whistleblowers in America. With effective cooperation between the U.S., Europe, and other regions, we can protect and encourage whistleblowers around the world to boldly fight corruption,” said Kohn.

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