Bad Apples in a Rotten Barrel

In the United Kingdom, a former investigator of the Royal Military Police (RMP), speaking anonymously, alleges that Senior British army commanders in Iraq refused to investigate Iraqi civilian abuse claims. According to BBC News on October 11th, the whistleblower claims that while he has seen documentary evidence of hundreds of incidences, involving death and serious injury to Iraqis, investigators could not examine these cases because the whole system of military justice is flawed. The military chain of command made independent investigations of the RMP almost impossible by not providing resources or denying access.


The Ministry of Defense, however, insists “any substantive allegations of abuse brought to its attention will always be investigated and that such cases are relatively rare.” A Ministry of Defense statement claims “we must remember that over a hundred thousand of our personnel served in Iraq and, with the exception of a few individuals, they have performed to the highest standards under extraordinarily testing condition there.”

The whistleblower agrees “the vast majority of British soldiers have served their country with distinction.” However, he asserts “it is the actions of a few who have been shown to be bad apples. But the system is so flawed and some of the decision making has been so perverse that it is fair to say that the barrel is probably rotten.”

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