2023 Blueprint Whistleblowing Prizes Honor Bravery and Integrity of 11 Whistleblowers


On December 5, Blueprint for Free Speech announced their 2023 Whistleblowing Awards. The awards, “which recognize the bravery and integrity of whistleblowers who have made a positive impact in the public interest,” were granted to 11 individuals from across the globe.

“From persevering through the NHS grievance procedure to see a killer apprehended, to holding a billion-dollar company, Tesla, accountable for its private evidence in the race to roll out self-driving cars, this year’s winners demonstrate how vital whistleblowing is, particularly when it saves lives,” said Lord Clive Hollick, an international businessman and member of the U.K.’s House of Lords who serves as one of the awards 3 judges.

Each year since 2016, Blueprint for Free Speech has awarded annual Whistleblowing Awards. Blueprint is a non-profit charity that works internationally to promote the right to freedom of expression. The winners of the awards share a £25,000 prize.

The 11 winners are:

For more information on the 2023 Blueprint Whistleblowing Awards visit: https://www.blueprintforfreespeech.net/en/prize/2023-winners

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