Indonesian activists suffer police investigation

My counterpart in Indonesia, Emerson Yuntho, has been swept up in a flurry of police activity associated with the Third Conference of State Parties (CoSP) of the United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).  I just met Emerson last month when he visited our offices at the National Whistleblowers CenterYou can see our photo of his visit in my blog post about it.

The Third UNCAC Conference was in Doha, Qatar, two weeks ago. Now Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) has released a report called “Weakening of Corruption Eradication Commission In Indonesia.” The report details how Emerson and a colleague, Illian Deta Arta Sari, released information about financial misconduct in the Attorney General’s office.  Now they have been summoned to Police Headquarters and declared suspects in an investigation for "character assassination." I think I have a tough day when a big brief is due.

Indonesian police have also declared as suspects two managers of the official Corruption Erradication Commission (KPK), Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra M. Hamzah. If you feel moved to action, the fax number of Washington’s Indonesian Embassy is (202) 775 5365.

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