Webinar for wildlife whistleblowers: Collecting evidence of environmental crime

Tuesday is the deadline to register for the Thursday, June 13 webinar on the role of citizens in enforcing environmental law. From the Environmental Law Institute:

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Around the world, significant progress has been made to establish legal frameworks for environmental protection. Many of these laws can help to put a stop to pollution or conserve natural resources in the United States, as well as foreign countries and international waters. However, the success of these laws is greatly hindered by a lack of enforcement.

Oftentimes, everyday citizens have evidence of environmental wrongdoing, or could easily collect it, but lack the know how to report such evidence to the authorities, or otherwise follow up on required procedures.

 Although various initiatives have been launched to engage citizens in environmental monitoring, few of these initiatives connect citizens with the law enforcement process. How can environmental monitoring initiatives fully harness the power of concerned citizens in the U.S. and around the world? Which laws consider and foster the engagement of citizens in the enforcement of environmental law, and how can these laws be better implemented to educate and motivate citizens while protecting them from retaliation?

This seminar is the final of the 2019 Discussion Series that has been examining how whistleblower laws, emerging technologies, and citizen engagement are transforming the landscape of environmental enforcement today.

LeRoy C. Paddock
, Associate D
ean for Environmental Studies, George Washington University Law School, Moderator
Shannon Dosemagen, Co-Founder, President & Executive Director, Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab)

Shaun Goho, Deputy Director of Emmett Environmental Law & Policy Clinic, Harvard Law School
John Kostyack, Executive Director, National Whistleblower Center



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