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Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards

Natalie “May” Edwards, FinCEN whistleblower, is currently incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Alderson, West Virginia. Her husband Dave has advised that Natalie is doing as well as one can when incarcerated. She has been teaching English to inmates for whom it is a second language and is also helping other inmates pursue their GED. Edwards, who has a Ph. D., has found tutoring to be a blessing during her time at Alderson.

A book fund, set up by Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed has proven successful, and although inmates have instructed her to ask for a quid pro quo in giving away the books she has read, Edwards has not resorted to a familiar prison bartering situation. She gives of her time and books freely, with no expectation of return.

Currently, Edwards is fighting with federal officials who are trying to take away her federal medical benefits which she had been granted under the American Disabilities Act after retirement. Officials have noted to Edwards that a “timeliness” issue has arisen which may subject her to the loss of the benefits.

A potential discovery issue has arisen. The issue surrounds the use of information Edwards submitted to the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board and the trial judge by FinCEN attorneys. Edwards alleges the information was illegally obtained and used it against her in sentencing.

Edwards is hoping for an early release, and if secured, would enable her to arrive home before Christmas.

Trevor Kitchen

Trevor Kitchen is sequestered on an island off Portugal. The Swiss prosecutor who issued an arrest warrant against Kitchen for “Offense Against Honor,” privacy and secrecy violations, and embarrassing the Swiss banking system has refused to lift the warrant which is applicable across the European Union. Kitchen’s only crime was blowing the whistle on massive manipulation by Swiss authorities of the U.S. dollar and British sterling pound.

Kitchen submitted evidence of the manipulation of currency to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Kitchen has waited years for a decision by those agencies and questioned the amount of time regulators take in making a determination. Kitchen has a new lawyer in the United States, and is weighing options on where to reside once a decision is made by the SEC.

In the meantime, Kitchen and his wife have been deprived of the right to visit their daughter and granddaughter in Switzerland due to the arrest warrant issued against him for his whistleblower actions. Kitchen noted that his pension in Switzerland has been threatened by the Swiss prosecutor, and he eventually hopes to move to a country like the United States or Great Britain, where telling the truth and exposing criminal behavior in the banking system is not a crime.

Constable Kimberly Cadarette

Kimberly Cadarette, along with her supporters, was shocked to find out that clinical psychologist Dr. Ron Frey was recently arrested by police in Ottawa, Canada for “Public Mischief.” A crime which investigators say stems from Dr. Frey impersonating himself.

Dr. Frey, who had reported being impersonated twice in the Constable Kimberly Cadarette case, has been thrown into a “Alice in Wonderland” situation where up is down, and down is up. Cadarette was a whistleblower against the Ottawa Police Department and is shocked that Dr. Frey has been retaliated against. She noted that one of the officers she had blown the whistle on, former Ottawa Police Chief Vern White, is now a senator and occupies a powerful position in Ottawa.

Recently, Dr. Frey filed two complaints to the Office of the Independent Police Review which noted he was impersonated in his professional capacity, possibly by an officer of the Ottawa Police Service. Dr. Frey further noted that the police had failed to investigate the matter.

Constable Cadarette has consistently denied meeting Dr. Frey and declared in her whistleblower case that someone impersonated him. Dr. Frey has denied meeting Cadarette and denied writing a fit-for-duty report on Cadarette. Dr. Frey declared that the retaliation against Cadarette for blowing the whistle against the Ottawa police force was “probably criminal.”

A psychological report in the possession of Ottawa police and used against Cadarette because of her whistleblowing concerning sexual harassment, noted that Dr. Frey treated Cadarette in 2007. Cadarette met Dr. Frey in the summer of 2021, and in an “extraordinary encounter” both noted they had never met before.

The fraudulent fitness-for-duty assessment was leaked and ruined Cadarette’s career and career advancement.

Whistleblower Network News will provide timely reporting on this unusual and disturbing turn of events for Constable Cadarette, Dr. Frey, and the Ottawa Police Service.

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