Whistleblowers were big news in 2019. Here’s a sample.

The New Yorker declares it the year of the whistleblower, and we offer some of our popular posts of 2019.

From The New Yorker:

This year, as one scandal after another played out in the news, it was easy to become overwhelmed. Amid all the noise, there’s been a common theme in many of the reports—the increased profile and significance of whistle-blowers. It’s hard to think of another recent period when the act of whistle-blowing has had such a consequential impact on our politics and culture.

From the Whistleblower Protection Blog:

Ukraine whistleblower
Climate Corruption Campaign
Ernie Fitzgerald
Government Contracting
Money laundering
More environmental whistleblowers
Health care



Do I Have A Good Case For The IRS Whistleblower Program?

Elijah Cummings

1951–2019: Whistleblowers lose a champion

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