Statement by the Partners of Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto: Attorneys for Linda Tripp in her Privacy Act Lawsuit

The whistleblower attorneys at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto issued the following statement today in regards to the passing of Linda Tripp. 

We are saddened to hear the news that Linda Tripp has died.

Linda understood how people in power can abuse their positions. She had incredible courage. She was faithfully committed to honesty in government. She stood up when others would not. She knew the risks of becoming a whistleblower.
Linda often said about her whistleblowing that, “it was never about right or left, it was always about right and wrong.”

Like most whistleblowers, Linda was guided by a strong moral compass and inner strength, and supported by a loving family, which enabled her to withstand vicious attacks. She also vowed that she would report the misconduct all over again even in the face of such personal attacks because it was both her duty as a public servant and the right thing to do.

We extend our condolences to Linda’s family who stood by her in the toughest times, and who also suffered from the abuses heaped upon her.

Linda was honored on National Whistleblower Day in July of 2018. It was an honor she truly deserved.

Thank you Linda for doing what every federal employee is obligated to do: report abuses of power, regardless of personal sacrifice.

Stephen M. Kohn

Michael D. Kohn

David K. Colapinto

Mary Jane Wilmoth

Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto, LLP

Attorneys for Linda Tripp

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