Settlement Leaves Seattle Teacher Victorious

On September 22nd, a settlement was reached between Sean Taeschner and the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. (See previous blog post on Mr. Taeschner’s case.) The diocese had initiated its own investigation, following the claims made by Mr. Taeschner. The auditor hired by the diocese, however, confirmed the findings from the previous investigation, after which Principal Wayne Melonson was fired. While the settlement leaves Mr. Taeschner victorious, the schoolteacher stated that pursuing the case was “emotionally, financially, spiritually, and professionally” costly, as he has been unable to secure employment in over two years. Now, with a settlement and job prospects in place, Taeschner would appreciate nothing more than an apology from the diocese. As he stated to Seattle’s KOMOnews, “I know that the church teaches that when you say you’re sorry, you make restitution. They’ve made restitution. It would be nice if they said they’re sorry.” Mr. Taeschner’s victory provides yet another positive precedent for whistleblowers, proving that from faith and persistence, justice can be achieved.;tile=1;sz=320×240;ord=58046749&clickURL=http%3A//

*Elizabeth Finkelman (a NWC intern) drafted this posting.

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