Senator Grassley Blasts Efforts to Undermine the False Claims Act

In a statement before the House Judiciary Committee, Senator Charles Grassley strongly opposed efforts by high-powered corporate lobbyists to undermine the False Claims Act. This Act has proven to be the most effective whistleblower law in the United States, providing protection and compensation to more whistleblowers then any other law, and triggering civil and criminal investigations. These investigations have recovered over $30 billion from the most corrupt government contractors, who try to use their influence to illegally profit from lucrative government contracts. 

In his statement, Senator Grassley relied upon a major report issued by the National Whistleblower Center demonstrating that strong whistleblower laws are essential both for accountability and to push companies to establish independent and effective compliance program.

The hearing, “Oversight of the False Claims Act,” will be held at 4:00 pm on Thursday April 28, watch it live here.


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