Massachusetts Launches COVID-19 Non-Compliance Whistleblower Website

Massachusetts joined the ranks of states with a dedicated website for citizens to report non-compliance with the state’s COVID-19 regulations. Individuals can conveniently and anonymously file a complaint with the state when they witness non-compliance in their workplace. Massachusetts joins New York, Pennsylvania, and others in taking this step to make COVID-19 whistleblowing easier and safer.

The website went live on July 13 after remarks from Governor Charlie Baker. At a press conference for the website launch, the governor said: “If folks believe that a business or employer is not observing the safety guidelines, we’ve set up a process for people in the public or employees to reach out and communicate that”.

Multiple states have set up hotlines and websites that make it easier to report non-compliance to the government. These websites have already proven effective in enforcing compliance in both large and small businesses. Whistleblowers are essential to keeping our communities safe during this crisis.

Most recently, whistleblowers have brought complaints against the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) safety procedures and safety regulations at a meat packing plant in Colorado during the pandemic. These violations of common-sense COVID-19 safety protocols would not have been caught if whistleblowers had not been able to step forward.

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