KBR Ordered to Release Documents in Crucial Whistleblower Case

The Legal Times reported Thursday that the judge in the case of United States ex rel. Barko v. Halliburton Co. et al, ordered the release of documents to a whistleblower. The case, which arose under the False Claims Act, concerns the largest military contract ever awarded, coming in at $38 billion. The whistleblower, Mr. Harry Barko, alleges KBR engaged in widespread fraud during the War in Iraq.

The documents in question were created during KBR’s own internal investigation. They contain direct evidence of bid-rigging, conflicts of interest, and overcharging the U.S. Government by KBR. In the order, District Court Judge James Gwin stated:

“KBR’s documents are filled with evidence that certain KBR employees steered contracts to Daoud; are filled with evidence that Daoud gave lousy and late contract performance; and are filled with evidence that KBR nevertheless overpaid Daoud with United States funds. Counsel’s duty of candor requires better.”

“Judge Gwin’s orders are intellectually honest and powerful and will have significant consequences for KBR and its counsel,”stated Michael D. Kohn, attorney for Mr. Barko, in regard to this latest order by the court.

Read the full Legal Times article Judge Orders KBR to Disclose Docs to Whistleblower.

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