Former California City Manager Files Whistleblower Lawsuit

On June 15th, former Montebello city manager Francesca Tucker-Schuyler filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging retaliation and discrimination. Tucker-Schuyler worked for the city of Montebello since 2010. In 2017, Tucker-Schuyler raised inquiries about the handling of public works repairs and bidding procedures, but her complaints were “mostly ignored.” She continued to conduct more research on “the regulations regarding public works projects and bidding procedures,” as well as review new projects the city took on.

The lawsuit states that she “sent multiple emails regarding the application of public works regulations .” Still, after continually receiving few responses from staff, she “reported the city’s alleged violations of bidding laws” to Kevin McClure, the Montebello police chief. She then conveyed her concerns to the District Attorney’s Office and City Attorney’s Office and got no response from either office.

After that, City Council voted to put Tucker-Schuyler on administrative leave in November of 2017 during a closed session. The city fired her in February 2019, according to her lawsuit. In the 2-year interim during which Tucker-Schuyler was on administrative leave, the City Council held several meetings, “during which her potential dismissal was on the agenda. But she was never given the chance to be heard regarding her status.”

The lawsuit claims, “the city gave no official explanation or a reason for her termination, or an opportunity to be heard regarding her termination.” Additionally, the individuals who both served in her position during the interim and then eventually replaced her permanently were all male.

Tucker-Schuyler is filed her case in the Los Angeles Superior Court and alleging “whistleblower retaliation, discrimination based on sex, wrongful termination, and failure to prevent discrimination.”

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