False Claims Act Resource Updated

The National Whistleblowers Center recently updated its False Claim Acts: Federal, State and Municipal Qui Tam Laws publication. This publication outlines all current U.S. laws that allow private citizens who witness fraud against a government entity to file suit “blowing the whistle” on greedy contractors who bilk government agencies, and to be awarded a portion of the monies recovered. The book contains the federal False Claims Act, the text of false claims act legislation from over 22 states, various city governments, as well as the federal qui tam provisions covering tax fraud. Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York City are among the many states that have amended existing or adopted new false claim legislation since the last update was published in September 2012.

This publication is an invaluable resource for whistleblowers and plaintiff’s attorneys who are interested in qui tam laws. Qui tam laws have become a popular tool for state and municipalities in the fight against government waste.

In 2012, the Federal Government recovered 4.95 billion dollars, 68% of that money was recovered via Qui Tam actions.* This publication is available for purchase as a PDF Download.

Table of Contents:

*More information available in the National Whistleblower’s Center’s FCA Report.

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