European Youth Promote Whistleblowing on International Anti-Corruption Day

Young men and women throughout Eastern Europe today denounced corruption and proclaimed that crime and misconduct must be exposed in order for reliable and accountable democracies to have a chance to succeed.

The youth are speaking with one voice – sending clear and strong messages against corruption and in support of whistleblowing. The youth are featured in a video produced by the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative in Sarajevo. The video is being publicized today, 9 December, in recognition of the UN’s annual International Anti-Corruption Day. 

Among the young people speaking out are:

Klajdi Kaziu from Albania, “As active members of our society, we ought to decline, denounce and report any “bribing” practices.

Milica Mirković from Montenegro, “Corruption is not just one more illegal act, but a disease. We do not have the right to be silent about corruption. We are obliged to be an example for everyone around us and show that corruption is not somebody else’s problem, but a problem of all of us.”

Maria Cezar from Romania: “Corruption can cost us the chance to live in a healthy and sustainable environment, and it can rob us of the opportunity to build a future in the country we come from. Let’s not shy away from this topic. See who is fighting against corruption in your country and join them!”

We encourage you to watch and share the video (which has English subtitles), and lend your support to these future leaders.

The video was produced as part of the European Union-supported project, “Breaking the Silence: Enhancing Whistleblowing Policies and Culture in Western Balkans and Moldova.”

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