DOJ Demonstrates “Chutzpah”

Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an extremely misleading press release on the departments “successes” in tax enforcement. However, as NWC Executive Director, Stephen M. Kohn responded, the “DOJ spends much ink describing the importance of the UBS case without finding the space to add two more words – the name of the whistleblower who made it all possible – Bradley Birkenfeld.”

Instead, the DOJ has the audacity to trumpet their efforts to prosecute the whistleblower, Bradley Birkenfeld. Even more amazing is the fact that while they applaud themselves for throwing the whistleblower in prison, they neglect to tell the American taxpayers that they allowed the architect of the entire UBS illegal offshore tax fraud program, Martin Liechti, to return to the safety of Switzerland without prosecution. 

For more on the NWC’s response to the DOJ’s refusal to recognize that their “treatment of Mr. Birkenfeld is not only a generational setback for tax whistleblowers, it will cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars” please click here.

To TAKE ACTION in support of Mr. Birkenfeld’s clemency campaign please click here.

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