Birkenfeld tells WSJ about high level cover-up

UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld told a Wall Street Journal reporter that the government’s decision to send him to jail arises from “a cover-up at the highest levels.” Brikenfeld noted how the UBS clients who actually cheated on their taxes got either house arrest or probation, but the messenger who brought the key information to the US government is now in jail.

The WSJ’s Thomas Coyle reports that,

Whatever his culpability, Birkenfeld helped set in motion a chain of events that included UBS agreeing to pay a large fine to the U.S. for its role in helping an initial list of several hundred Americans hide money in Swiss accounts, Switzerland changing its laws to allow banks to share the names of several thousand U.S.-based Swiss account holders, and thousands of Swiss-account holders coming forward under the terms of a voluntary disclosure program.

Birkenfeld disclosed that among his clients who used UBS to evade taxes are a wealthy US politician and a Hollywood movie star. Follow this link to TAKE ACTION TO SUPPORT BRAD BIRKENFELD.

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