Arrests vindicate Wackenhut whistleblower in Miami

Marty Bair was a senior supervisor for Wackenhut in Miami, Florida, when he blew the whistle on how the company was overbilling the county for empty guard posts on transit systems. Now, eight Wackenhut employees, supervisors and executives have been arrested and charged with racketeering. "I felt vindicated, vindicated," Bair told Jeff Burnside of WTVJ, the NBC affiliate in Miami. "They did everything they could to try to destroy me, and prevent me from telling the truth," Bair adds. Wackenhut has now changed its name to G4S. It claims that it fired Bair for other reasons and it has attacked Bair’s credibility. "They fired him because he took part in uncovering their cover up," attorney Gary Costales told Burnside.  NBC Miami has investigated the fraud claims since 2007.  It found more than a dozen employees who reported that they were paid overtime for a full eight-hour shift even when they worked for only a few hours. Bair’s lawsuit claims that Wackenhut overbilled Miami-Dade County over $17 million.

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