Action Alert! Whistleblower Protection At Stake for Consumer Product Safety Employees

Today, the National Whistleblower Center issued an urgent action alert, requesting that all whistleblower supporters email and/or call their Senators and Representatives, urging them to support whistleblower protections in the Consumer Product Safety Commission reform legislation.

The CPSC reform is now in conference committee, and the conferees are scheduled to vote on the bill tomorrow. The Senate version of the bill contains whistleblower protection for manufacturer employees, as well as government inspectors, while the House version contains no whistleblower protections whatsoever.

The National Association of Manufacturers, and other big business groups have made killing whistleblower protections their #1 priority for this bill. We need all the support we can get to make sure that corporate greed does not interfere with product safety reforms! Whistleblowers are the eyes and ears, but we must give them the freedom to speak.

I certainly urge everyone to take a look at the action alert and pass it along to anybody who is interested in protecting honest employees. Here is the link.

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