What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill? – Continues Monday

The NWC’s series “What’s Wrong With The Senate Whistleblower Bill” examining specific weaknesses in the Senate Bill will continue on Monday.

If you would like more information on the Senate Bill please read NWC General Counsel David K. Colapinto’s legal analysis or visit the NWC’s Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection page.

You can also read the recent press on the Senate Bill:

Senate whistleblower bill doesn’t go far enough, critics sayOhMyGov!, 8-24-09

FBI whistleblower shields likely to stayWashington Times, 8-20-09

Obama-back bill worries FBI whistleblowersWashington Times, 8-18-09

WH sought to weaken law on whistleblowingWashington Times, 8-7-09

Secrets and the C.I.A.” Letter to the Editor, New York Times, 8-7-09

We urge every whistleblower support to Take Action by sending a letter to your members of Congress.

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