NYC Council to Vote on Whistleblower Bills

Today, the New York City Council will vote on three whistleblower laws. I had the opportunity to testify about these three bills on April 16th this year before the Committee on Governmental Affairs. The NWC supports the NYC Council’s efforts to improve whistleblower protections.

Proposed Int. No. 479-A requires city contractors and subcontractors to post a notice informing employees about their whistleblower rights. Knowledge of existing whistleblower laws is essential in encouraging employees to report fraud.

The NWC strongly supports Proposed Int. No. 816-A, which extends protections under New York City’s Whistleblower Law to employees of city contractors and subcontractors.

Proposed Int. No. 828-A is a good first step in making the New York City False Claims Act more effective in detecting and deterring fraud. We look forward to working with the Council in the future to continue improving the Act to ensure the accountability of city contractors.

If you would like to know more about these three bills check out the audio from the NYC Committee hearing or my written testimony.

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