“What a price the people who save our society from wrongdoing are paying for doing so.” — Part I of a WNN Exclusive Interview with Dr. Nigel MacLennan

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Nigel MacLennan

“What a price the people who save our society from wrongdoing are paying for doing so.” This week’s Whistleblower of the Week podcast is a two-part episode: one on whistleblowers and one on people who retaliate against them. In this first part of the episode, Dr. Nigel MacLennan, an author, professor, leadership coach, and Executive Psychotherapist talks with FBI whistleblower Jane Turner about the psychology of whistleblowers and takes a scientific approach to analyzing the struggles many whistleblowers face. The second part of the episode will feature Dr. MacLennan’s reflections on retaliators and people who antagonize whistleblowers. Part II of the podcast with Dr. MacLennan will be published on July 28. 

In this segment, Dr. MacLennan delves into the psychology of whistleblowers. He talks with Turner about the toll blowing the whistle can take on a “hero of integrity,” his word for whistleblowers. Dr. MacLennan discusses the mental health struggles with which whistleblowers can grapple. How can the five stages of grief be different for whistleblowers? How should a whistleblower deal with retaliation? Dr. MacLennan provides insights into these questions and more: don’t miss his tips for whistleblowers on how to care for your mental health after encountering adversity as a whistleblower. 

In a question and answer portion of the podcast, Dr. MacLennan tackles Turner’s questions about gender discrimination, getting back into the workforce after experiencing retaliation, how the whistleblowing community and movement should move forward, and more. Don’t miss this incredible episode, and stay tuned for part II of the Dr. MacLennan podcast! 

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