VA Whistleblower, Podcast Host Dr. Allison Gill to be Keynote Speaker at National Whistleblower Day

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Dr. Allison Gill, a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) whistleblower and highly successful podcaster and comedian, will give a keynote address at the National Whistleblower Center’s (NWC) National Whistleblower Day celebration.

NWC’s three-day celebration will be held online, and the events will be live. The schedule provides information on each of the days’ events, and each day focuses on different aspects related to whistleblowing and whistleblowers: day 1 is legislative, day 2 is international, and day 3 is all about whistleblowers.

Dr. Gill’s keynote will occur on day 3 of the celebration, which will feature panels of influential whistleblowers, up-and-coming whistleblower lawyers, and more.

Dr. Gill worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a liaison to the Department of Defense for the VA to TRICARE and was forced out of her position. She began hosting the extremely successful podcast Mueller, She Wrote in early November of 2017, and the series lasted for two and a half years. She also embarked on a sold-out tour to 13 cities and always engaged in the podcast work on her own time, not VA time. Additionally, Dr. Gill didn’t use her real name as a podcaster. However, she began to experience retaliation and was eventually forced out of her job.

Dr. Gill has since founded MSW Media and is now the Host of The Daily Beans podcast. In late June, she was featured on an episode of the Whistleblower of the Week podcast in which she talked about the specifics of her whistleblower story, the current status of her case, and her current work on MSW Media. Read her speaker bio for National Whistleblower Day here.

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