Police Whistleblower Panel Discussion to Highlight Truth-Telling in Law Enforcement Communities

Crime scene tape that says "Police Line Do Not Cross" against blurry red and blue police lights

In commemoration of National First Responders Day, the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) will host a panel discussion on October 28 at 2pm Eastern Time. The talk, co-sponsored by The Lamplighter Project, will feature four speakers who have expertise in law enforcement or were former law enforcement officers themselves.

Panelists will discuss “importance of whistleblowing in the Police Community” and provide insights on “some of the risks and opportunities for a courageous individual decides to blow the whistle.” The event will be held on LinkedIn Live: RSVP for the discussion here.

The event will be moderated by Maureen McGough, Chief of Strategic Initiatives for the Policing Project at NYU Law. Panelists include police whistleblower and former Chicago Police Officer Shannon Spalding, former Chief of Police in Austin and Houston, TX and Miami, FL Art Acevedo, and whistleblower and founder and president of Whistleblowers of America Jackie Garrick.

“NWC is honored to celebrate police whistleblowers,” NWC’s Executive Director Siri Nelson told WNN. “Police whistleblowers are essential to effective rule of law. Raising awareness is critical to encouraging more to come forward.”

Chairing the Board of The Lamplighter Project is Peace Corps whistleblower Sara Thompson; law enforcement whistleblower Austin Handle is Vice-Chair of the Board. Hear from Thompson, Handle, Garrick, and 27 other brave whistleblowers in their own words in WNN’s video series Whistleblower Voices.

Learn more about the police whistleblowers event here. 

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