Scott Bloch, Head of OSC, to Resign

UPDATE: The Washington Post is now reporting the Scott Bloch has resigned, effective yesterday, after a meeting with White House officials. The Post is covering the Bloch resignation HERE and HERE

Click here to view Bloch’s resignation letter.

UPDATE: GOVEXEC.COM IS NOW REPORTING THAT THE WHITE HOUSE FORCED BLOCH OUT. is reporting the Office of Special Counsel chief Scott Bloch has submitted his resignation to President Bush, effective January 5th. Although Mr. Bloch probably would not have lasted long under a new administration (his 5 year term ends in January), there was no replacement selected and he may have been able to serve past his term.

Bloch has had more than his share of issues while attempting to lead the independent agency charged with investigating federal government whistleblower complaints. He has dealt with whistleblower complaints against his agency, and an FBI Investigation into allegations that he hired the “Geek Squad” to wipe agency computers clean.

UPDATE (10/22/08): The Washington Post has this story detailing Bloch’s many disservices to federal workers. 

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