Last of Seven Whistleblowers in Texas Attorney General’s Office Resigns

Texas Attorney General

The last of seven aides who worked in Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has resigned, according to an article from The Texas Tribune 

On October 28, Ryan Bangert, who worked as the agency’s deputy first assistant attorney general since 2019, told The Texas Tribune that he resigned. In a statement, Bangert said: “It has been my honor and privilege to serve alongside the men and women of the Office of the Attorney General.” 

The group of seven whistleblowers reported Paxton to law enforcement in early October, stating that “they had a ‘good faith’ belief that their boss had committed bribery and abuse of office by using the agency to serve the interests of a political donor, Austin real estate investor Nate Paul,” according to the article. Blake Brickman, who worked as the agency’s deputy attorney general for policy and strategy initiatives, was fired last week, as was Paxton’s former top aide Lacey Mase 

As of October 28, all seven of the whistleblowers have either been fired, put on leave, or resigned, according to The Texas Tribune 

Paxton has since called the group of whistleblowers “rogue employees” and dismissed their allegations as untrue. When the news about the whistleblowers’ complaints first broke, Bangert sent the agency staff members an email, stating: “the executive team remains committed to serving you, this office, and the people of Texas,” according to the article. Bangert’s October 4 email continued, “Together, we owe a duty to this office and the people of the State, who we serve, to ensure the agency continues its important work without interruption,” according to the article.  

The attorney general’s office has not yet responded to a request “to confirm Bangert’s employment status,” according to the article.

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