Joe Davidson calls EPA’s OCR “a disaster area”

In today’s Washington Post, columnist Joe Davidson says, “If the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Civil Rights were a chunk of ground, it would be declared a disaster area.” Mr. Davidson recounts the findings made by Deloitte Consulting in a report released last month. He also noted the call made by the National Whistleblowers Center to oust OCR’s director, Rafael DeLeon. EPA spokesperson Adora Andy told Mr. Davidson that EPA would look into our allegations about Mr. DeLeon’s off-color remarks. EPA said the same thing to POLITICO on Monday. How long does it take to ask Mr. DeLeon if he called Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Ms. Susan Morris “pink elephants?” How long does it take to ask him if he chided Dr. Coleman-Adebayo for being a “Rosa Parks of the EPA” or if he referred to a lapdance at a staff party? Or, is EPA unsure if a director of the “Office of Civil Rights” should do any of these things? Joe Davidson’s article could give these questions the prominence we need to get some answers soon. Thank you, Mr. Davidson.

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