An FBI Whistleblower’s Experience: Jane Turner’s Blog Post #1

Jane Turner -- Credit: Jeff Wheeler, Minneapolis Star-Tribune


The Whistleblower Protection Blog is proud to present an ongoing series of blog posts by FBI whistleblower Jane Turner. Ms. Turner was a highly respected FBI Agent for 25 years. She worked the “indian country” of South Dakota and specialized in child-crimes, investigating the most heinous offenses imaginable. Despite near-impossible circumstances, Ms. Turner obtained confessions and convictions from countless criminal sociopaths. She was forced from the position she loved after reporting widespread discrimination and mismanagement in these cases. Then, she was forced from the FBI after reporting that some of her fellow agents had, during the 9/11 investigation, stolen items from Ground Zero – items belonging to the victims and their families.

After a decade of fighting, Ms. Turner was finally vindicated when a Minnesota jury returned a verdict in her favor, determining that, yes, she had been the subject of retaliation by her FBI managers after she raised concerns of discrimination and mismanagement in her office.

These blog posts, which are accessible by clicking “Jane Turner’s Blog” on the left column, will be about Ms. Turner’s experiences as a whistleblower.


Blog Post #1:

By: Jane Turner

Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Rapid City, South Dakota, I wanted to be an FBI Agent. Not once in those early days, up to and including now (as a fifty six year old), did I ever aspire to be an FBI Whistleblower. I really do not think that anyone grows up desiring to be a Whistleblower. The path is too difficult, too dangerous, and not rewarding (either financially or spiritually). People become whistleblowers because the critical truth they speak is being denied, covered up, or trivialized by those with power and/or authority. In my case, the truth I revealed, that sex abuse cases in Indian Country were being dismissed as car accidents by FBI Agents who did not want to work them, was seen by FBI managers as questioning the legitimacy of all FBI investigations. Having the FBI training that qualified me as an Advanced Police Instructor, and Psychological Profiler; and certified to teach local, state, and federal law enforcement officials nationwide about the psychology of sexual offenders; and how to work crimes against children investigations, forced me to remain in the battle and try to speak truth to those in FBI power.

As I write this blog, I will provide information regarding my struggle, hoping to help others. I will also speak for those still on the job at the FBI, who have been muzzled, smeared, and threatened with termination if they do not stop their battle to bring injustice, or truth to light. The path of a whistleblower is a lonely one, and a journey that no one else can take for you. This blog will address my journey.

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