Impeachment Whistleblower Analyst Required CIA Protection

Whistleblower required CIA protection

An analyst who worked for the Trump administration and filed a whistleblower complaint that led to President Trump’s impeachment has been heavily protected by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to an October 28 Washington Post article 

The article details how the CIA’s Security Protective Service picked up on “violent messages” towards the whistleblowing analyst on the Internet that “surged each time the analyst was targeted in tweets or public remarks by the president,” according to the article. “The president was tweeting, ‘Where’s the whistleblower? Where’s the whistleblower?’” said a former senior official who was involved in protecting the analyst. Although “the analyst was never in direct danger…some threats were so serious that without security, “there is a strong possibility that grave harm would have come to him,” the official said.  

The CIA has “declined to comment” about the analyst’s situation, according to the article.  

Read the full Washington Post article here.  

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