House Victory for Whistleblowers, On to the Senate!

Just minutes ago the House of Representatives approved the Platts-Van Hollen amendment to the stimulus package granting whistleblower protection to federal employees and contractors.  Thanks to your action, House members recognized the critical role whistleblowers play in oversight and accountability and the House has approved excellent whistleblower provisions contained in the former H.R. 985.  The amendment was adopted on a voice vote with no audible opposition.

Federal employee whistleblower protections are part of the entire Stimulus Package (H.R. 1), but our work is not done.  Now the battleground shifts to the Senate.

Take Action!  Contact your Senator and tell them to protect federal employees!

This is one of the most important legislative battles ever for whistleblowers.  

Together, good government allies have been fighting for nine years to achieve meaningful whistleblower protection for ALL federal employees.  With the overwhelming support of the House and over 260 public interest organizations on record supporting these protections, this is our best chance and we have the strength to overcome the opposition.  We must seize the moment!

Act Now!  Protect taxpayer dollars!

If you have emailed your Senator now is the time to follow up.   Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone else you know to contact their Senators.   Then call your Senators’ offices and let them know that whistleblower protections are essential for oversight and accountability of federal spending.   Point out how national security workers need whistleblower protections, including jury trials, as much as any other federal employee.  Tell your Senators that the bill will protect both national security and whistleblower rights by requiring an award of whistleblower remedies whenever the government prohibits a whistleblower from using the evidenced needed to prove a case.

Now is the time to do everything you can.  Please consider a personal visit to your Senators’ offices today.   This could be our only opportunity to obtain real protection for federal employees who risk their careers to report waste, fraud, and abuse of your taxpayer dollars.

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