Camp Delta Sergeant Joe Hickman blows the whistle on Guantánamo “Suicides”

In its March issue, Harpers Magazine challenges the official and widely reported story that three prisoners being held in Guantánamo Bay committed suicide in an act of “asymmetrical warfare.”  The article, written by Scott Horton, is based largely on observations of whistleblower Joe Hickman, the highly decorated Staff Sergeant who was on duty as the guard for Camp America’s exterior security force the night the “suicides” occurred. Horton uses Hickman’s disclosures to clearly demonstrate that the official report is false.

Some major findings from the article include:

The NWC supports whistleblower Joe Hickman for trying to bring the truth to light. Whistleblowers would agree with Sergeant Hickman that “silence was just wrong.” Please read the full Harpers article for the rest of this incredible story.

*Meryl Grenadier (NWC fellow) contributed to this posting.

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