Jamaican Senate debating whistleblower law

The Jamaican Senate is scheduled to debate a comprehensive whistleblower bill this Friday. Justice Minister Senator Dorothy Lightbourne released the proposed text of the Protected Disclosure Act (Whistle-blower Law) 2010, according to Jamaica Observer. The bill fulfills a 2007 election promise of the Jamaican Labour party.  It would protect both public and private sector employees, including independent contractors and non-profit organizations.  It would require employers to designate an official who would be responsible for investigating whistleblower disclosures. The bill would also make it a criminal offense to retaliate against a whistleblower, and provide a witness protection program. However, the bill would not protect disclosures that violate attorney-client or medical privileges, the Official Secrets Act, or the Corruption Prevention Act. Debate is scheduled to begin this Friday.

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