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[Australia] Thompson, Tuck, “Police whistleblower sent home, told to see psychiatrist,, October 12, 2009.

A veteran officer who has exposed cronyism and corruption in the police force has been ordered off work even though his doctor says he is fit for duty. Sergeant Robbie Munn – who wants to resume his decorated 30-year career – says the service has a culture that deters whistleblowers from reporting “dirty little secrets”. The police force claims Sgt Munn, who has fully recovered from heart surgery, requires psychiatric help and has ordered him off the job for 18 months. Click here to read more.

[UK] Bowen, Innes, “Whistleblower says Army abuse not investigated,” BBC News, October 11, 2009.

Three High Court judges ruled that RMP Deputy Provost Marshal Colonel Dudley Giles “lacked reliability” when he gave evidence to an inquiry into claims UK soldiers mistreated and murdered prisoners. A whistleblower has told the BBC he was not surprised when he heard the judges’ comments. Click here to read more.

[UK] Curtis, Polly, Rachel Williams and Allegra Stratton, “Ofsted accused of manipulating Haringey report after Baby P,”, October 9, 2009.

A leading MP demanded an inquiry after a whistleblower at Ofsted claimed an official report into Haringey council was secretly downgraded from “good” to “inadequate” because of the furore over the death of Baby Peter. Documents seen by the Guardian show Ofsted’s initial 2008 report into Haringey children’s services, then run by Sharon Shoesmith, gave it high ratings – three or four out of the maximum of four stars – in most categories. But in the key category it was later changed to one star – the worst, meaning its services were inadequate. Click here to read more.


[Canada] Keller, James, “Whistleblower website invites online leaks, raises legal and ethical questions,” October 8, 2009.

Will the post-first, ask-questions-later attitude fuelling much of online citizen journalism open new doors for government insiders and other whistleblowers to tell what they know on the Internet? Maybe it already has. says it guarantees anonymity for anyone submitting secret documents. It offers hundreds of thousands of so-called leaks for the public and journalists to see. An offshoot of Wikipedia started more than two years ago by an international group of activists and journalists, Wikileaks has posted several notable leaks, including uncensored operating manuals for the infamous U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay.

[UN] Lee, Matthew Russel, “UN Denies Galbraith’s a Whistleblower, Told Him to Be Quiet about Bias pro-Karzai,” Inner City, October 7, 2009.

With the UN facing charges of bias and cover up of fraud in Afghanistan, Wednesday in New York the UN presented no fewer than three officials to the Press corps, all intent on rebutting and bad mouthing the UN’s fired deputy envoy Peter Galbraith. The Department of Peacekeeping Operation’s second in command Edmond Mulet said the Galbraith has “personal motives” for going public with his complaints that main envoy Kai Eide has been covering up electoral irregularities in the service of Hamid Karzai. Inner City Press asked Mulet to describe how Galbraith has hired for the job, and why these personal motives, or propensity to be a loose cannon, had not been discovered at the time. Click here to read more.

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