Currency Manipulation Whistleblower Trevor Kitchen Detained

Image of Trevor Kitchen against a blurred blue background

Trevor Kitchen, whom Whistleblower Network News has been following since his discovery of currency manipulation by the Swiss government, was detained by Dutch officials on April 21, 2022 at Schiphol airport, Netherlands as he and his wife, Juliet, were traveling, his wife Juliet tells WNN.

The Swiss government had issued an European Arrest Warrant (EAW) earlier, which charged Kitchen with breaching secrecy and privacy laws in order to retaliate against Kitchen. He had been arrested previously in 2021 in Portugal, and three Lisbon judges threw out the case and the Swiss extradition request. The Supreme Court upheld the lower court decision after Swiss officials appealed.

Kitchen subsequently has been living in Portugal awaiting a decision by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission on his whistleblower claims. He and his wife were enroute to another country in order to spend their retirement years in peace when detained by Dutch officials, according to his wife Juliet. Kitchen is hoping that the Dutch recognize the Portugal Supreme Court decision, and has retained a Dutch lawyer, Mr. Dennis W.H.M. Wolters.

Mr. Wolters has confirmed that Kitchens was arrested at Schiphol Airport on Thursday, April 21, 2022 by the Military Police and is currently detained in the Detention Center at Schiphol Airport.

Kitchen is distressed, and dehydrated and his health is being threatened by this detention, his wife reports. Kitchen had previously noted that he feared for his life if he is extradited to Switzerland as whistleblowers are seen as a serious threat to the Swiss economy. Kitchen notes that “the government’s pursuit of him is politically motivated and institutes the abuse of process. It is connected to whistleblowing activities on the currency manipulation scandal that resulted in billions of fines for Swiss banks.”

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