Bank Whistleblower to Testify before European Parliament on the International Scope of the Danske Bank Money Laundering Scandal

Danske Bank Whistleblower
Danske Bank whistleblower Howard Wilkinson and attorney Stephen Kohn arrive to hearing at the Danish parliament in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 19, 2018. ©Leslie Rose Photography

November 20, 2018. Washington, D.C. On November 21, at 9:20am (Central European Standard Time – 3:30am Eastern Standard Time). The Danske Bank money-laundering whistleblower Howard Wilkinson will testify before the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance in Brussels, Belgium. Wilkinson, a former employee at Danske Bank’s Estonia office, uncovered a massive money-laundering scandal involving billions of dollars flowing out of Russia. 

Mr. Wilkinson is expected to testify regarding the international scope of the $120 billion money laundering scheme. Wilkinson’s whistleblower attorney Stephen M. Kohn, explained: “Money laundering is an international crime, and needs an aggressive response from the European Union. 

“The illegal money laundering scheme took off in Russia, travelled through the Danske Bank in Estonia, and landed in New York. In his testimony tomorrow, Mr. Wilkinson will explain that the money laundering scheme is not simply a Danish problem but needs a coordinated response from Europe and the United States,” Kohn added.

Mr. Wilkinson formerly worked as a highly respected professional at the Danske Bank and warned Danske Bank managers of the illegal money laundering scheme in 2013-14.

Mr. Kohn will also submit testimony before the European Parliament concerning the need to protect whistleblowers under European law. “Whistleblowers like Mr. Wilkinson are without legal rights in Europe. This must change,” Kohn said.

After his testimony on Wednesday, Mr. Wilkinson and his attorney Stephen Kohn will make a brief statement in front of the European Parliament and answer a limited number of questions.

Watch the testimony live here:

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