2009 National Conference and AGM of Whistleblowers Australia

Whistleblowers Australia (WBA), an association of whistleblowers in Australia, will host 2009 National Conference and annual general meeting at Aquinas College of the University of Adelaide from December 5-6, 2009. The conference theme is “blowing the whistle in the workplace.” Shelley Pezy, conference convener, kindly sent us the conference program draft. You can download it by clicking here. According to the program, they will discuss about South Australian legislation, how to start a website, and specific goals for the Whistleblowers Australia. The conference also provides a social networking event for whistleblowers, government and private employees, and researchers.   

If you are interested in joining the conference, please find more information from their website, Whistleblowers Australia.

Australia’s Whistleblower Information


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