2021 Year in Review

This year, WNN continued to publish articles about everything whistleblower news, from breaking stories to exclusives to opinion pieces by advocates, experts, whistleblowers, and officials. Thanks to your support, WNN is able to publish stories that deserve to be told, in the U.S. and around the world.

This year was a big year for whistleblowers: tech whistleblowers entered into the spotlight near the end of 2021, and WNN reported on whistleblowers from Facebook, Apple, and Tesla.

Several federal agencies also had a monumental 2021: check out WNN’s overview of the SEC, CFTC, and IRS whistleblower programs this past year as well as a recap of noteworthy False Claims Act cases.

WNN also highlighted several more courageous whistleblowers in both written Whistleblower of the Week pieces and podcast episodes. Through FBI whistleblower and WNN reporter Jane Turner’s intrepid reporting, these whistleblowers’ stories are told and given the exposure they so deserve.

Thank you for your readership this year, and WNN looks forward to bringing you even more whistleblower news and stories in 2022. If you are able, please consider supporting WNN’s independent journalism.

Thank You for a Great 2021 and Happy New Year!

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