Whistleblower sues Bayer over termination

According to Reuters, whistleblower, Ralph Fabiano, sued German pharmaceutical manufacturing company, BAYER AG. Fabiano alleges that he was terminated from his position at the company for refusal to alter the results of particular auditing and accounting tests required under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Subsequent to Fabiano’s dogged refusal to falsify data, he was removed from the project and fired shortly thereafter. The plaintiff alleges that his termination was a “breach of contract and breach of good faith and dealing” by BAYER AG defendants, and violates whistleblower provisions as delineated by the SarbAnes-Oxley act.  While, representatives for the company avow that Mr. Fabiano’s claims of misconduct are unsubstantiated, he continues to fight for his rights in U.S. district court, in the Southern District of New York.

*Emily Brundage (a NWC intern) contributed to this posting

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