SEC Chair Praises Agency’s Whistleblower Program

Chicago, IL. April 30, 2015. Today SEC Chair Mary Jo White gave a major public presentation endorsing the SEC whistleblower program and explaining how whistleblowers now play a central role in protecting U.S. financial markets.

Stephen M. Kohn, executive director of the National Whistleblower Center, made the following statement in regard to Ms. White’s remarks:

“Chair White’s endorsement of the whistleblower program is a milestone for whistleblower protections. From her vantage point as America’s top securities regulator, she has witnessed the effectiveness of whistleblowing and the key role it plays in the enforcement of anti-fraud laws.”

Ms. White praised the SEC Whistleblower Office stating:

“The volume of tips has been greater and of higher quality than expected when the program was first adopted. We have seen enough to know that whistleblowers increase our efficiency and conserve our scarce resources. Importantly, internal compliance programs at companies also remain vibrant and effective ways to detect and report wrongdoing.”

Chair White’s full statement: The SEC as the Whistleblower’s Advocate
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