BB&T refuses to reinstate Stroupe, but will pay her wages

We reported earlier on the hearing and decision in Amy Stroupe’s SOX whistleblower case against BB&T bank in North Carolina. Today, the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that BB&T is refusing to reinstate Stroupe. BB&T will put Stroupe back on the payroll, but will not permit her back on the job. Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Tureck found that BB&T’s original reasons for firing Stroupe were "nonsensical." This decision to pay Stroupe but not let her perform her duties is also nonsensical. BB&T claims that they laid off corporate investigators in Stroupe’s region, and that is why they cannot reinstate her. If they are going to pay her anyway, they might as well return her to her duties. As Stroupe uncovered a Ponzi scheme by one BB&T official, she might help the bank uncover other frauds. Indeed, it appears BB&T needs a good fraud investigator. In announcing its decision to appeal Judge Tureck’s decision, BB&T explained that it had been the victim of a fraud. By refusing to obey Judge Tureck’s immediate reinstatement order, BB&T is risking an enforcement action by the Department of Labor under 49 U.S.C. 42121(b)(5). Stay tuned.

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